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Aquion Lights the Way to Europe

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Solar PV Partners and ESS Limited(Energy Saving Specialist), two UK renewable energy resource management companies, today announced the first UK and European Off-Grid solar installation with a  25 kWhr Aquion Energy battery system to illuminate the entry sign at the EURO TUNNEL UK border.

Dennis Garrison, Managing Director of Solar PV Partners Ltd, a UK/European dealer of Aquion Energy storage systems, said:  “We are delighted to work with ESS, an innovative renewable energy  installation company on the first Off-Grid Aquion Energy system installed in the UK and Europe for storing solar power.   ESS had the vision to create a renewable energy solution, combining solar with the award-winning Aquion Energy batteries for lighting the new Channel Tunnel welcome sign in Folkestone”.

“This is an exciting project for ESS and helps demonstrate Euro Tunnel’s commitment to the environment through use of renewable energy,” said ESS Director Bill Roberts. “The installation of solar PV and sodium ion batteries at the EURO TUNNEL site is supplying clean renewable energy to the new welcome sign at the M20 entrance. Aquion Energy Storage is completely non-toxic, contains no heavy metals, is non-flammable and a genuinely sustainable alternative to lead acid battery and lithium ion technologies.  The ability to fully discharge the Aquion system to 100% was a key factor in our choice of batteries and the environmental credentials of the Aquion technology was an important consideration for the client”.

Solar PV Partners is an innovative renewable energy resource management group of partner companies. Solar PV Partners became the first UK/European dealer of Aquion Energy storage systems in April of 2015.

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