• Innovative Energy Solutions
    Innovative Energy Solutions

    We work with you to harness the power of the sun.

  • Outstanding Battery Technology
    Outstanding Battery Technology

    The cleanest, safest long-life battery systems.

  • A Proven Approach
    A Proven Approach

    Excellent project delivery through great partnerships.

Take control of your energy supply with Solar PV Partners.

Solar PV Partners helps your organisation manage your energy supply more effectively. We believe that every organisation, whether a small to medium enterprise, large business or non-profit, can benefit from a more independent, efficient and environmentally conscious energy supply.

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Solar-Plus-Storage Solutions


Benefits of Solar Storage:

Benefits of energy storage

DEVELOPMENT OF ELECTRICITY STORAGE IN THE NATIONAL INTEREST PRASEG, the all Parliamentary Renewable and Sustainable Energy Group

solar peaks

What we do for you:

Solar PV Partners are here to work with you to determine the renewable energy solutions that maximise the benefits of managing your energy in the ways you want to control it. Solar plus Storage is our primary focus and developing complex partner renewable energy projects, including finance is a speciality, too. We are here to help create the best bespoke results for both our customers and partners…and most importantly, reducing the pollution on this beautiful planet Earth!

Our Approach:

We have the capability to work with you from start to finish, or at specific stages of your project. This is the approach we take to ensure you get the best solution for your organisation:

  • Initially assess energy requirements
  • Design and develop the right solutions
  • Implement and manage delivery


We have a range of applications for our solar-plus-storage solutions, from schools and colleges to large industry to off grid projects:

  • Educational
  • Agricultural/Residential
  • Commercial and Industrial
  • Off-grid and Micro-grid

Our Technology


prime hybrid

We are pleased to be able to offer a range of solar and storage technology for your specific requirements. Here are some examples of our solutions:

  • Solar
  • Battery Storage
    • Prime Hybrid Energy
    • SimpliPhi Power
    • Aquion Energy

We are able to provide containerised megawatt storage solutions (BESS) which are a convenient way to deploy solar-plus-storage solutions.

About Us

Our Story

Our purpose is to improve energy independence and manage resources for the improvement of our environment. We initially started the journey in 2012 with the goal of providing Solar PV systems to Colleges and local governments and then decided to add storage technologies as part of our renewable energy system solutions.

In 2015/2016 we managed the largest Solar PV installation at any UK educational establishment - Sparsholt College, with 633kWp of Solar on 20 different roofs.

In 2018 Solar PV Partners are now offering grid balancing solutions for Demand Side Response (DFR Scheme), STOR, peak shaving, on site use of renewables, back-up power supply systems and energy market brokering.

Read more about us here.

Our Team


Dennis Garrison

Founder, CEO


Andrew Rigg

Founder, Sustainability Officer

Solar PV Partners help you create and manage your renewable energy!

Our Solar PV Partners are the country's leading designers, project managers and installers of medium to large scale solar PV systems. We improve our clients financial and environmental performance through maximisation of renewable power generation, often including efficient energy storage systems.